Clare Volume 15: Spring, 2014

fountain light 2

We’re back, better than ever, with our second online issue of Clare. This year, we have a large editorial board, so our selection represents a range of different tastes. As Clare continues to expand, we’ve tried to connect with our contributors more by asking each of them to respond to the following question: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be? Read their biographies to find out.

Volume 15 includes fiction from d.o. allen, David Denny, Rachel Moore, and Dave Patterson; nonfiction from Shannon Fallon; and poetry from Jessica Afshar, Danny P. Barbare, Jessica Barksdale, Jeff Burt, Valentina Cano, Emily Cornish, J.K. Durick, Joseph Hedger, Caitlin Johnson, Susan Johnson, S. Jordan, Bessie Liu, Angie Macri, Edward O’Dwyer, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, and Changming Yuan.

Our submission window for the 2015 issue of Clare is now closed. Please see the submission page for more details.