About Us

The publication of Clare is a joint effort between students and faculty at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Every year, a new group of student editors brings new ideas and preferences to the journal.

Clare began in the nineties as a small in-house journal and has gone through several transformations over the years. In recent years, Clare has expanded its reach. We are proud to publish work from writers near and far and have taken steps to increase our distribution. Most recently, we have decided to take the journal entirely online in order to share the magazine with more readers.

2016 Editors

beckerrebekah_late_13416_1678311_11998992_10203674943994560_7396321605371460378_nAn English and writing major, Rebekah Becker aspires to someday be considered among such literary giants as J.R.R. Tolkien and  C.S. Lewis.  In the meantime, she can be found in a fantasy world of her own making, slaying mythical beasts and research papers, exploring the depths of Netflix, and metaphorically jousting in water ski show tournaments, all in quest for the legendary “Perfect A.”


me and r2Michael Cattani is currently finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in psychology. He loves reading comic books, science fiction, mystery and fantasy novels. He has a Boston Terrier named Vader and tries to be the the person his dog thinks he his.



libra chirishiiAs a sci-fi reader, Caroline Sommer wants to travel the stars and galaxies from the comfort of her seat and in her mind. Often coming up with strange and new ideas, she hopes maybe one day to have a journey of her own published. When not reading and/or procrastinating on a paper due in a few days (maybe hours), you’ll find her online (in her words – “being social”) in chat rooms and in forums discussing her favorite series or maybe learning Japanese.